This section will attempt to answer various questions about the Jerlik profile and the Enneagram.
If I have my Enneagram type why should I still take the Jerlik profile?

The Jerlik profile interprets not only one's correct profile type, but how a person's type interacts with all the other 8 types to produce a wealth of information pertaining to understanding one's innate talents, strengths, and liabilities and how to maximize one's strengths. It also more accurately understands how one is functioning in the full range of their potentialities through the interpretive understanding of the interaction of all nine types of one's personality profile.

If I am a business why should I use your personality profile system?

The Jerlik personality profile can help determine your business culture and will be able to determine whether new hires will fit that culture. The Jerlik profile can also determine whether or not key people in your organization are properly placed as well as determine what individual needs are for each person in your organization. The Jerlik profile is also extremely helpful in team building, helping to mentor your people more effectively as well as helping team members better understand how other members think and act and how to maximize the contributions of each team member.

Does the Enneagram put people into fixed boxes?

The Enneagram is meant for self-development and growth. Once an individual knows what their personality type is they will be able to further develop that type and grow. This will enable them to develop the full range of their potentialities of their personality type.

Does the Enneagram help me deal with other individuals?

Yes. Knowing about the Enneagram will allow you to see how different people view the world around them. This will allow you to take their personality type into consideration when you are interacting with them and give you the ability to clear up any personal misunderstandings as well as create a more positive connection than you would have been able to create if you had not known about the Enneagram.

How not to use the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a good way to gain understanding and predict behaviour. It cannot predict what likes or dislikes a person may have, but can explain emotional and behavioral tendencies and fixations.

How do Enneagram marriages match up?
According to some limited studies the match ups are not random. Please see the results of a small study done on Enneagram marriages at
How can I find out more information about the Enneagram?

Please visit the following websites to find out more information about the Enneagram:

  • Enneagram Institute (main primary source for enneagrams)
  • Enneagram on wikipedia (basic and easy to understand information on wikipedia about The Enneagram)
  • Enneagram Business (Good Overview of the History and Theory of the Enneagram)
  • 9 Types (good information with various bits of knowledge about the enneagram)
  • How long is the test?

    The test consists of 153 questions, and takes most people about 45 minutes to an hour to complete. There's nothing to write out, you simply read a statement  and then indicate the level of your agreement with it by clicking the mouse.