The Enneagram is a human personality model that is based upon both ancient as well as contemporary knowledge. It has 9 different personality types/architectures of the human personality some examples are: type 1 Perfections, type 2 helpers/social, type 8 asserters/leaders, type 3 goal driven/motivators. The basic rule of the Enneagram model says that each person is born with a dominant personality type. They develop this type through childhood and see the world based on this personality type. See Examples...

Although each person may have a dominant personality type, having the same dominant personality type does not mean a person is exactly the same as another with the same type. We actually have variying levels of each personality type with certain elevations having an influence on the main dominant type. For instance we can have a type 1 perfectionist who is highly analytical or we can have a type 1 perfectionist who is highly goal driven. (By taking the Jerlik profile we can determine what elevations you have along with identifying your personality type)

The Enneagram symbol usually takes the shape of a circle with the nine personality types represented as points. The personality types are interconnected and that interconnection is represented by lines connecting each point. These interconnections represent stress and growth connections between the types. Please see the picture below.

Hover over each personality type to see a short summary for that type.

Further understanding of the Enneagram is beyond the scope of this website. There are other information websites that can go more in depth about the system. If you would like to know more about the Enneagram please visit the following sites:

Enneagram Institute (main primary source for enneagram information) Enneagram on Wikipedia (basic and easy to understand information on wikipedia about The Enneagram) Enneagram Business (Good Overview of the History and Theory of the Enneagram) 9 Types (good information with various bits of knowledge about the enneagram) As you learn more about the Enneagram you will realize that it is the most powerful and practical system available for understanding human personality and that is why we use it as the base of the Jerlik personality profile.