Dr. Joel Erlich

Dr. Joel Ehrlich has been a licensed clinical psychologist for over 30 yrs. He has developed several practices, and was one of the pioneers of phone coaching at the national and global levels. Dr. Ehrlich has also created several startup companies pertaining to self-help products.

Dr. Ehrlich has brought his strong innate talents of problem-solving to businesses, start-up companies as well as to his Executive Coaching and Consultation work.

Dr. Ehrlich founded "Jerlik Profile Solutions" for purposes of using the Enneagram for bringing wide-ranging innovative life solutions to all areas of people-problems in business, counseling, life and executive coaching as well as to individual life problems. He has developed the Jerlik Interpretation of the Enneagram as a means of turning this unique personality tool into possibly the most dynamic, interpretively accurate instrument for businesses, coaches, counselors, and people who seriously want to know themselves in the most in-depth way in order to be able to bring personal growth of their inner potential most effectively into their lives. The Jerlik Interpretive understanding of the Enneagram may very well be the most accurate objective method available for determining one's Enneagram personality type as well as predictive projections of how an individual is seen by others in their work and life roles. This makes the tool invaluable for counselors, coaches and people on a life journey to improve their lives and reach their highest potentialities. Dr. Ehrlich has developed Jerlik Life Solutions to be an ever expanding endeavor of reading all areas of human potentialities to effectively help guide individuals and professionals in areas of decision making regarding career moves, developing human potential and understanding interpersonal relations in the highest way possible.

If you want to learn more about your profile, or how to use the profile to get a clearer direction in life, or career, you can contact Dr. Ehrlich for life or executive coaching sessions here or reach him at 970-217-6151.

Dr. Ehrlich is also available for setting up classes for those interested in receiving a credential for interpretation of the Jerlik profile to be used for work or business settings, coaching, or consultation.