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The Jerlik Personality Profile is a personality test developed by Dr. Ehrlich that uses the Enneagram human personality model to predict and analyze human behaviour. The Jerlik Personality Profile is different in that it captures so much more information than a standard personality test, because it uses the Enneagram as its base.

The Enneagram, in a short explanation, is a human personality model that is based upon both ancient as well as contemporary knowledge. It has 9 points or personality traits to paint a picture of the human personality. Each of us all have different levels of each of these traits however there is a dominate trait and one or two major influences (wings) that drives our personality. The model is both simple and comprehensive and there are multiple layers of understanding and analysis. We believe the Enneagram is both the most complete and comprehensive personality model out there. Read More...

Dr. Ehrlich has spent many years in applying The Enneagram personality model to his Jerlik profile and has over 30 years experience as a professionally trained psychologist. He has completed hundreds of interpretations/analysis on individuals ranging from top level CEO's to front line employees as well as completing relational interpretations between couples, family members, and professional/business relationships alike.

The Jerlik Personality Profile is about life solutions: the need and drive to be self-aware, have fulfilling relationships, and finding the right balance based on your Enneagram personality type.

Our goal here is to make The Jerlik personality profile be the leading personality test out in the market for both business and personal use. We feel very strongly that the results from our test will reflect both a comprehensive yet simple to understand analysis and will prove to help businesses save time, money, and resources as well as improve their company productivity and culture by meeting the different needs of its employees as well as properly placing and utilizing their employees talents and strengths and give individuals the self-awareness and ability to find out how they can grow and find meaning and balance.

We thank you for your interest in learning more about us and hope to see you take our profile and start your journey.